Wood Chips

Wood Chips is a new name for a fresh approach.

The face, though, is someone you might recognise. Danish super producer and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Asingh previously worked as Slowolf, building a slim but continually entrancing discography.

With a change in name comes a change in style, though, with Wood Chips acting as an umbrella for everything from breathy psych-pop to bubbling synths and languid country-style guitars.

New song 'Heartbeat' is a real gem, a perfectly formed pop nugget that nonetheless defies any pigeonhole you care to place it against.

Born a place of personal transition, it's a song that finds joy in the act of creation, desire in simply getting back into the studio.

With that gorgeous tinkling xylophone working throughout, it's a breezy, evocative, and highly infectious document.

Tune in now.

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