Evening's Kiss

As the press so often observe, loneliness is the modern disease.

It sometimes seems that as the pace of modern life increases, more and more people are being left behind. Willis Earl Beal is among them, left feeling alienated on the fringes of society.

At one time homeless, Beal turned to art and music as a means to reclaim some of the beauty denied to him by his day to day existence. Living in Chicago, the songwriter posted flyers all over the city to invite someone - anyone - to contact him.

A feeling of invisibility, of not mattering, runs through his music. Eventually uncovered, Willis Earl Beal signed a deal with XL offshoot Hot Charity, who are set to release his debut single 'Evening's Kiss' on March 19th.

A beautiful piece of songwriting, the track sounds as if it was recorded with Willis Earl Beal singing into a shoebox. Unable to afford anything better, the rough 'n' ready approach matches the song entirely with each snap and crackle seeming to re-enforce the idea that here is someone alive and well, living at the same time as you and desperate for recognition.

Reflecting recently, Beal admitted that the song had a very real moment of inspiration. Finding himself in a local diner, the musician became infatuated with a waitress and would dress up in a suit to impress her.

“I felt like ‘Jesus Christ, I’m just a fraud. I’m here and I’m deluding myself into thinking that this person is actually interested in me,” he said. Backed by nothing more than a gently clawed guitar, 'Evening's Kiss' ends with Beal's voice almost disappearing into nothing - "fading away, fading away..."

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