'World We Live In'
Empara Mi

These are troubled times we're finding ourselves in.

Simply watching the news can be a distressing experience, with war, political turmoil, and police brutality beamed into our homes on a daily basis.

Empara Mi isn't immune from this, and she can't help but let those desperate images enter her art.

Powerful new single 'World We Live In' is a cry from the heart, a poised piece of alt-pop dominated by that searing vocal.

Strong Asian Mothers contribute, and the partnership finds a fine balance that allows their voices to effortlessly intermingle. Empara Mi comments:

I wanted the song to literally be a comment on the current status of world we live in. With some very important conversations coming to the forefront this past year, I feel it has forced people to consider the way they are treated as well as how we treat others.

And most importantly what we are willing to stand for. A lot of the time I write from a position where I feel like I’m in power, but in this case I wanted to write from the perspective that the power to change was in the hands of one person and what would they do with it, I say no more.

We're able to share the full documentary style visuals, perfectly matching her art against the context within which it was created.

Tune in now.

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