'I'm Thru'

It took a chance meeting with disco god Nile Rodgers for Luke Gomm's life to click into place.

Infatuated with music from a young age, he'd always hung back, keeping his ambitions secret, close to his chest.

After meeting the Chic founder, though, Luke was left emboldened - and maybe a touch of pop genius was transferred in the process.

New single 'I'm Thru' matches slinky disco scenes to electronic production, with its snappy chorus leading to that smooth instrumental breakdown.

It's a concise demonstration of Luke Gomm's talents, something he describes as “a breakthrough song, not just a break-up song...”

Reference points range from Prince to Daft Punk, with Hasworld crafting the distinctive cover art.

Indeed, the cover art is so emphatic that it has even prompted a burst of creativity of its own, leading to the bold visualiser.

Graphic designer Finn Black reimagined the canvas as a neon graphic, before director Ben Gomm shot the clip in full.

Finn comments...

"After meeting Hasworld at an Everything Is Recorded gig at Earth Hackney, we got to talking about doing a collaboration where whilst I create music, Has simultaneously paints canvases to accompany it."

"Off the back of his fresh perspective I was inspired and finished the track. I'm Thru is the first canvas on the wall and I'm looking forward to expanding the story with more music and visual art. It’s important to me as it showcases the diversity of the creative scene in London and the possibility for different disciplines to interweave, express, and create something fresh."

Tune in now.

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