'Chelsea Girl'
Drones Club

Drones Club want to connect, they want to break through the saturation of noise that settles upon everyday life.

Each show feels like a happening, with the London collective utilising shards of sound and dramatic light effects to conjure up confusion and inspiration.

New cut 'Chelsea Girl' feels like an acerbic slice of off kilter pop music, but when analysing the lyrics it starts to take on a deeper tone.

The band insist that it's "a protest song. As simply and directly as possible we want to draw attention to the plight of Chelsea Manning, the former US army solider who shed light on the darkness at the heart of western civilisation and made our world brighter. Now she is undergoing gender transformation in solitary confinement in a military prison. A heroine, a saint, branded a traitor and isolated from the world she helped."

In spite of the darkness, though, Drones Club insist that this is "a song of joy, of light over darkness; a message across the sea letting the loneliest girl in the world know she is not and never will be alone."

Georgia contributes throughout, helping the band to disrupt their sound once more. Tune in below.

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