'Ain't No Other Way'
Ryan Louder

Who decides what gets labelled art? The artist themselves? The audience?

Well, increasingly - and somewhat disturbingly - the digital environment has allowed for a new type of gatekeeper: those who control the medium themselves.

Multi-award winning producer and songwriter Ryan Louder found this out loud and clear recently, when he uploaded the video for his new cut 'Ain't No Other Way'.

The visuals was abrasive and provocative, in exactly the same manner as the music itself. Yet YouTube immediately pulled the clip, despite it containing far less shocking imagery than the latest Hollywood horror film, for example.

Speaking out, Ryan questions why companies such as these "own the doorway to expressing art online" and says "they cannot act like some kind of dictatorship and ban a music video because it does not sit comfortably with them, unless, of course, it has a large promotion budget for them. Art should not be banned because it’s powerful or hard-hitting."

The track itself actually derives from a personal place, with Ryan channelling feelings of anxiety and depression (as well as hope) into his music.

"I wrote 'Ain't No Other Way' after having experienced and witnessed bouts of depression and how all-encompassing and drowning it can be. This song represents that feeling. It actually has an underlying positivity though; depression can be a series of very intense, self-reflective moments - which can be enlightening."

Powerful stuff, you can check out 'Ain't No Other Way' below.

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