Magpie Quest Continues

If any one artist can define Ninja Tune, then perhaps DJ Food is the right candidate.

Initially used as a blanket term for collections of samples, the DJ Food moniker was eventually focussed to become an artist in its own right. An alter ego for Coldcut, the level of commitment needed was such as the title passed from producer to DJ to producer with Strictly Kev the current standard bearer.

New project 'The Search Engine' takes the air of mystery one step further. Flipping the concept of DJ Food on its head, this time round fans know exactly who the producer is they just won't know where to find the music.

A collage pulled together from three distinct EPs, 'The Search Engine' is a genuine evolution for the DJ Food project. Opening cut 'Magpie Music' is a case in point - a stunning, 11 minute conception the music stutters and unfurls into a series of stylistic diversions.

By way of a preview, Ninja Tune have decided to give away 'Magpie Music'. The catch? The piece has been split into five pieces and hidden across the internet. Here's a statement from the label:

- - -

'Magpie Music' - DJ Food's collaboration with 2econd Class Citizen from his new EP and forthcoming album, 'The Search Engine' - is a beat collage in nine parts, swinging from Psyche rock to Gamelan to Bollywood. Stitched together like Frankenstein's monster from dozens of sounds from around the globe, the pair foraged far and wide, scavenging samples from everywhere to build the piece.

In the spirit of the thieving Magpie we have stolen five different sections of the track and hidden them somewhere on the net. One will be available each day this week, for free download, the only catch is, you need to find them yourselves using your browser's search engine. All we have as clues are the individual titles of the segments - 'Finders Keepers', 'They Turned Their Faces Down', 'A Positive No', 'Eye of the Needle' and 'No More Stars'.

- - -

ClashMusic has been give one element of 'Magpie Music' to give away. 'They Turned Their Faces Down' is a heavy instalment to the DJ Food series, with the shuddering hip hop beats matched against some psychedelic production.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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