Track By Track: Tom Walker – ‘Blessings’ EP

A guide to his latest release...

There are two sides to Tom Walker.

The rising songwriter likes to bring things down a notch, displaying his acoustic, meditative side.

Yet also he also likes to build his material back up, to add in fresh elements of production and rather more expansive arrangements.

New EP 'Blessings' captures both aspects of his character. An imposing offering from a songwriter to watch, you can catch it below – and then check out a full track by track guide.

…Is pretty much what it says on the tin. Be nice, don’t be a dick because it will eventually come back to Haunt you. When I first stated my career I was given a valuable piece of advice by George Ezra which was “It’s nice to be nice”.

This is my end of the world song. Not that I think the world is coming to an end, but sometimes when your watching the news it can feel that way. I'm not really all about swearing in songs but it feels good to sing "Fuck it, Fuck it! It's a disaster, they're never gonna give us what we're after". 'Blessings' I live with seven of my mates in a house share in London, it costs a fortune to live here, we don't always have money to go out, but we always make the most of our night where ever we are. It's easy to forgot how much you have in your life sometimes.

'Play Dead'
This song is about what I would do in a zombie apocalypse or what anyone with someone close to them could do. I suppose it’s an analogy for just blocking the whole world out when everything is going wrong. I wrote this a while back now and I really wanted to do a new version for the EP, it's called the 4am mix cause we only had one day to record everything on the track so we where locked in the studio till the early hours.

'Just You And I'
I wrote this in four hours in my basement about a year ago, I never imagined it would have gone so crazy online. It’s a track about just being able to open up about your most personal faults to that one special person, especially when you don’t get to seem them that often. But knowing everything will work out in the end because together you can get through anything.

– – –

'Blessings' EP is out now.

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