Sensational left-of-centre pop music...

NUUXS can only be herself.

A true pop original, her vivid left-of-centre vision matches enticing melody to an artful sense of glamour.

New EP 'Pearl' is out now, and it's a wonderful return, perhaps the broadest, most affecting document from this artist yet.

A five-track pop vision, 'Pearl' glistens in the sun while never being afraid of going a little deeper.

Check it out now, then find a full track by track penned by NUUXS below...

'Real Love'
I chose this as the first single from the EP because it was inspired by all things new. I had recently been influenced a lot by country music and wanted to put my own slant on it hence the running guitar riff throughout and curved melodies.

The beat was really driven and I like the fact that it had a real unique sound to it. I was in a more positive head space at the time of writing this song so embraced other people’s experiences as well as my own. Then 'Real Love' was born.

I had a real difficult time with this song as I re wrote the whole thing about ten times until I was genuinely happy. It’s was always a feel good track melodically and sort of took me out of my comfort zone which I love to do.

There is a still a darkness underlying within has the lyrics describe mainly in the verses. My favourite message from this is through pain there can be happiness. “Heaven was good to break my heart, look what it lead me to”.

I wrote this a couple years ago with Paul Harris (Dirty Vegas) and Jake Gosling. It was originally a really upbeat track but after a while I listened back and wanted to change it up as I always loved the melody, so we decided to strip it back completely and re invent it with a slower, more in depth feel, almost dream like.

The song is about the struggle between life and death, wanting to belong yet not at all. I created two voices, one relaying the sadness and another breathy vocal to respond with optimism.

This song is about spiritual awakening, being in touch with oneself and not afraid to follow your heart. Take a risk and be brave, make mistakes just not the same ones.

'Old Ways'
This touches base on post natal depression. I know a few people who have gone through this and that I can feel really lonely and difficult.

I wanted to express those feelings through the song and hope to shed some light to other women who might be going through or have been through this too.

- - -

'Pearl' EP is out now.

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