Exploring the newcomer's wonderful EP...
'Wind Before The Train'

Marvin Powell seems able to conjure entire worlds with just a flutter of acoustic notes, and a few well-chosen worlds.

A songwriter of remarkable depth, his folk-hewn styles are worth comparing to Bert Jansch or Nick Drake without ever becoming a direct parallel.

Burrowing within himself, each song from Marvin Powell feels like a wonderfully intimate experience, ushering the listener over a private threshold.

New EP 'Wind Before The Train' is out now, and it's a short burst of gorgeous, pastoral imagery.

Here, Marvin Powell breaks down the EP, track by track.

I suppose I should start by saying that these are quite difficult questions for me to answer as I believe songs should be left open to interpretation on the part of the listener and the majority of the tracks were written some time ago now.

The way I see songwriting is as a form of self-expression or a way of clearing out the clutter and noise of the mind in some attempt to make sense of emotions or situations, but I shall have a go and see where we end up.


'Wind Before The Train'
Was a song inspired by a trip taken to the beach one day. The urge to 'get away' was massive and the need for change and resolution was paramount in my personal relationship at the time.

'Thicker Skin'
Talks about the plethora of sometimes negative human emotions we all experience at some point such as sensitivity, frailty or jealousy yet still being thin skinned, over time we can 'conquer' them.

'Travelling On'
Is another 'get away' song that's had probably about three or four incarnations but was finished on the last tour I did. Driving back from London there was an actual 'fire on the road' burning bright as the small car we were travelling in was making its way home after travelling half the country. I'd been playing around with this song for about five years not knowing myself what it was about but setting out on tour seemed to make all the pieces fit together.

'For You'
Is the newest song of the bunch and touches on themes similar to that of the three before it.

- - -

'Wind Before The Train' is out now.

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