Track By Track: Josin – ‘Epilogue’ EP

An artist with a truly international outlook...

Josin is a truly international talent.

Born in Cologne to a Korean mother and German father, both of whom are opera singers, she grew up around music.

Yet for a while there, Josin chose to study medicine, leaving her artistic endeavours to one side. She explains:

“I did my first year of medical school and this was what I wanted to do since I was a kid. Somehow I never really saw what was right in front of me the whole time – music. Maybe because my parents are musicians and it was so normal to be in an artistic surrounding. I quickly realized both music and medicine needed a 200% commitment and that was a long-time inner struggle. Music won! I think what brought me to this decision, was knowing that I could never listen to music again if I didn´t do it in this life or at least tried.”

Debut EP 'Epilogue' is out now, released on Swedish taste-maker label Dumont Dumont. Future soul that doesn't shrink away from emotional truths, the haunting poetry of the lyrics is matched to the sudden shifts in electronic flavour.

Clash invited Josin to break it down…

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'Oh Boy'
'Oh Boy' was the most nerve-racking song I ever worked on. The first version of it was a plain live recording – one mic, one piano, vocals, free timing. I tried to make "proper“ versions later on, continuously loosing the connection to it. I even didn't want it on the record. It took two years to get back to the first approach, recording one takes with a simple dictaphone. The ever-present solution.

'Midnight Sun'
A dear friend of mine wrote a poem and it´s called 'Midnight Sun'. One day I remembered parts of it in the studio and asked him for the words. He sent them to me saying „Do something good with it!“ I completed the lyrics and composed the music, which was new for me not to start with the music. Maybe this is the most ingenuous song about love in my collection – usually I like to write about the broken things. But here love is a never fading guide, something that will always remain for you to be found. „And if it´s worth the fall, then you´ll risk it all, to catch up with the one“ – which leads to the epilogue…

'The One (Epilogue)'
…this instrumental track is the epilogue of 'Midnight Sun' and the latest on the EP. I wanted to give this piece its own life though it is just an extension of the previous track and took great pleasure in writing the string arrangement. The recording was simple and made at home with only one, very old cello played by the wonderful Claus Kanngiesser who happens to be married to my mom. Lucky me.

'Feral Thing'
It is one of the first songs I would count among JOSIN and was written about four years ago. Originally the production was more cheerful and guitar based. Working on the EP I felt the need to apply it more to the present and did a new version. The song refers to loving the ‘wrong' person and the fact that one can never possess another.

Some people are to be free, too feral or just too restless to make anyone around them stay. Still you can see through to their innocent core. However much you want to save them – you may only be the observer unless they turn around and see you. It´s kind of desperate and unfulfilled, but I think unselfish love that doesn´t ask for anything is a fascinating subject. Maybe this comes from opera?

Well, this is more than a song to me. It is the very first encounter with death and the ultimate wish to be able hold on to things. And the depressing truth that we can hold on to nothing. I guess ‘Evaporation' is the journey from realising, over grief, to finally making peace with a loss. "Maybe all is made to evaporate“ – is not meant to be understood as a cruel conclusion. More as a hopeful reminder to make the right choices.

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'Epilogue' is out now.

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