Tors Aim For Closure With ‘Tell You’

Part of their upcoming EP...

Tors return with new single ‘Tell You’.

Out now, the track was recorded in Woodstock, America alongside renowned producer Simone Felice. Part of their incoming EP, the new material sits alongside high profile support slots alongside James Blunt and Cian Ducrot.

Refulgent in tone, graceful in execution, ‘Tell You’ hits all the right notes, with the three-piece allowing their talents to converge. Bittersweet yet endlessly beautiful, the new single is a song of parting, and of closure, the chorus ringing out: “How am I supposed to leave this? Write a song and hope you’ll hear it?”

Tors comment…

“Have you ever loved someone who never knew how you really felt? How different would life be if you’d had the chance to tell them? These are the questions ‘Tell You’ grasps at, trying to fill the painful space between open-ended memories and closure. Sometimes the hardest decisions to live with are the ones we didn’t make.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Anna Lowry

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