Topshelf Records Appeal For Help Following Awesome Distro Bankruptcy

The label are in a perilous state...

Topshelf Records have appealed for help after their distributor collapsed.

The label was founded back in 2006, and has built a stellar catalogue across two decades of work. Devoutly independent, their own ethos remains the same – if they like it, they’ll support it.

Sadly, issues with their distributor has left Topshelf in a perilous situation. Awesome Distro – partly based in Leeds – recently went under, owing the label “tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and forcing us to relocate 17 years worth of inventory immediately with no advance notice.”

A statement from Topshelf claims that Awesome Distro “laid off their entire staff without notifying us, leaving us with no immediate way of shipping out orders or sending records to our artists on tour.”

To make matters worse, the property management company Awesome Distro leased from are also owed money and are currently “withholding access to our inventory, treating it as collateral…”

A hugely complex issue, Topshelf are attempting to negotiate with several companies over 1000 miles away from their base in North America. While the label remains confident that “we can endure this and not have to lay off any staff” the team have set up a Crowdfunder in an attempt to navigate the current shortfall.

Find the Crowdfunder online.

Or, purchase some ace music from the Topshelf Bandcamp page.

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