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London based multi-disciplinarian Tony Njoku uses art to break down barriers.

An artist in constant exploration, he detonates the dividing line between genre, masculinity, and race, unpicking the boundary lines of 21st century identity.

Seeking out individual realms, his new single 'Confident' is a sparse but evocative piece of alt-pop digitalism.

Moving his voice into the upper register, Tony Njoku allows his music to pirouette into uncharted realms, both coy and explicit, warm and brittle, cold.

The video was directed by Max Jedwab and it ably builds on these themes, a hyper-stylised monochrome clip.

Tony explains...

“The track is essentially a reaction to a situation I was in where I met a really awesome person and they were able to show me my worth and made me feel very confident in myself and I had never truly felt that till engaging with them. And because it was not a familiar feeling for me, I didn’t really know how to act, I would sabotage the situation, I’d push the other person away.”

“The video is an homage to Steve McQueen’s 1993 film Bear. The film raises questions around masculinity, homoeroticism, race and violence, where the characters encounter shifts between moments of tenderness to aggression, from flirting to threatening.”

Tune in now.

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