Todd Edwards Is Not Remixing Daft Punk

At least, not yet...

Todd Edwards has denied speculation that he is set to remix new Daft Punk material.

Calm down, calm down…

Earlier this week, Todd Edwards posted a short message on Twitter which served to raised temperatures on both sides of the Atlantic. The house legend hinted at a new remix, which would build on material from a certain French duo.

In full, the Tweet reads: "My manager has a big mouth, but yes I am working on a remix for an amazing French act who I have known for a long time :)"

Sounds like Daft Punk doesn't it? That's what most people thought – including FACT who helpfully gathered the details.

Sadly, though, it isn't Daft Punk. Interviewing Todd Edwards for a separate feature earlier this week, intrepid Clash journo Felicity Martin stepped up to the plate and asked the producer directly if the rumours were true.

His response: "No, see that’s the thing – no-one said Daft Punk, I said a French duo! And it isn’t Daft Punk that I’m remixing. I’ll announce it once the remix is in, I’ll make an announcement on Twitter, but it was just kinda like to stir up a little chat, y’know… but its amazing how people take one statement and then turn it into something else, there’s other French groups out there you know!"

So that's that.

Watch out for a full interview with Todd Edwards on ClashMusic shortly.

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