tinyumbrellas Deals With FOMO On ‘Life Of An Extra’

"Someday I just want to know what that’s like, to be the main part of a romanticised life."

tinyumbrellas returns with new single ‘Life Of An Extra’.

The songwriter is used in Leeds, and their self-made universe is shot through with originality. Someone who speaks from the heart, their work blends delicious pop melody with unexpected openness – and this is what has accelerated her online following.

A series of self-released EPs have caught attention, with 2022 project ‘Kaleidoscope Towns’ containing some of their finest work.

New single ‘Life Of An Extra’ finds tinyumbrellas working with producer Josh Scarbrow, and it pushes their work into a fresh space. Lyrically, it deals with feeling as though you’re a spectator in your own life, with FOMO coming to the forefront.

There’s a lesson here, however, with tinyumbrellas vowing to place their own concerns front and centre. The artist explains…

‘Life Of An Extra’ revolves around the sinking feeling of perceiving everyone around you living their fantastic, fun and fulfilling lives, meanwhile you, on the other hand, are not.

I imagine the song to be set in Paris (famously the most romantic city in the world)- the setting for so many great stories and films centred around people living their lives with purpose, with loved ones. A lyric that sums up the song is: Someday I just want to know what that’s like, to be the main part of a romanticised life.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

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