Salford duo set to return

The Ting Tings have spoken to ClashMusic about their forthcoming second album.

Hailing from Salford, The Ting Tings seemed an irresistible pop prospect. The band's hook heavy songs catapulted them into the charts, with even Dizzee Rascal paying them the honour of a cover version.

Taking time off, the duo retreated to Berlin. Absorbing the city's ever vibrant nightlife, The Ting Tings began crafting a follow up to one of the most successful British debut albums of the past decade.

"It’s more the mood here that has affected our work,” explains Jules De Martino. “The streets are really powerful in Berlin. It was -27° when we first arrived and therefore it was a very different environment to what we’re used to."

"The people just felt tough" he explained. "That was a big influence on the first three months of writing.”

The Ting Tings have given a series of cryptic interviews this year, attempting to through journalists off the scent. Working in the basement of an abandoned jazz club, the duo took their equipment with them giving the resultant recordings a gritty, natural feel.

After the celebrity culture in the UK attempted to absorb them, the duo desired some form of anonymity. Moving out to Berlin seems to have given The Ting Tings the space they required.

Working on new material for a total of eight months, the band admit to “isolating themselves” in the studio. However the band did escape for some unusual pass times, including some tango lessons.

Named 'Kunst' the new album was preceded by the release of comeback single 'Hands'. A stomping slice of DIY pop, The Ting Tings sounded like they'd never been away.

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The Ting Tings are due to release 'Kunst' in January.


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