Times New Viking Return

New album due soon

Times New Viking have signed a deal with Wichita, who will issue their new studio album.

A DIY success story, Times New Viking prove that abrasive, forward thinking music can still reach a wide audience. Releasing ‘Born Again Revisited’ in 2009, the Ohio group were able to tour across the globe.

Settling down to work on new material, Times New Viking decided to think outside the box and use an actual, proper studio. Between Columbus Discount Recordings and the famed Mus-i-col the band managed to lay down some new material.

Ably assisted by Adam Smith and Dustin White, Times New Viking have lost none of the grit in their sound. New album ‘Dancer Equire’ is a little more mellow, for sure, but the band still have mammoth sized guitar lines.

At times bursting out into all out noise, Times New Viking have managed to move forwards without losing sight of their past.

Little has been heard of the new material, but the band have debuted a stunning new video. Times New Viking teamed up with directors Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston, who gathered around forty artists to assist them.

Each frame was hand painted, with the reel eventually containing over 3000 individual drawings. Collected into a three minute loop, the resulting video for ‘No Room To Live’ is a simply stunning achievement.

Watch it below…

Times New Viking – No Room to Live from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Signing with Wichita Records in the UK, Times New Viking are set to release ‘Dancer Equired’ on April 25th.

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