It's out on June 2nd via Houndstooth...
Throwing Snow

Kaleidoscopic, that's Throwing Snow.

Real name Ross Tones, the producer's material is beautifully fragmentary - at some points settling into intriguing new shapes, at others consistently moving.

Releasing a number of EPs and one off cuts, Throwing Snow is now ready to unveil his debut album.

'Mosaic' will be released on June 2nd, with Tones set to pair up with fabric's on-point label Houndstooth. Ahead of this, new track 'The Tempest' has been placed online.

Featuring vocals from Adda Kaleh, visuals are provided by Rick Robin.

The director explains: "It’s a galaxy from the past, 367 light years ago. It’s about war and peace. Evolving and never-ending."

Throwing Snow feat. Adda Kaleh - The Tempest from Rick Robin on Vimeo.

'Mosaic' is set to be released on June 2nd. Tracklisting:

1. Avarice
2. The Tempest feat. Adda Kaleh
3. Hypnotise feat. Kid A
4. Linguis
5. As You Fall feat. Py
6. Pathfinder
7. The Void feat. Jassy Grez
8. Maera feat. Adda Kaleh
9. All The Lights feat. Russell Morgan
10. Draugr feat. KNOX
11. Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)

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