Check out haunting new track 'Cosms'...

Throwing Snow is set to release new album 'Embers' on January 20th.

The producer based himself in Daddry Shield, County Durham during recording sessions, turning the outside world into a point of reference.

The finished material utilises the distorted sound of rainfall, while at one point a melody line is echoed by passing starling.

Utilising cyclical patterns, the rise and fall of 'Embers' has a rather deeper meaning. Throwing Snow explains:

“There is self-similarity over all scales and time frames, but nothing is exactly repeated because everything has its own life story. We are always at the mercy of entropy, that slow decline into disorder, towards death. It is the process that the delivers the raw material back to the start, allowing new lives to be born. Life comes from the embers of death.”

New track 'Cosms' is online now, and it's a beautiful return. Tune in now.

'Embers' will be released on January 20th through Houndstooth. Tracklisting:

1. Cantor's Dust (Part 1)
2. Cantor's Dust (Part 2)
3. Helical
4. Allegory
5. Ruins
6. Gossamer's Thread
7. Klaxon
8. Glissette
9. Recursion
10. Pattern Forming
11. Prism (Part 1)
12. Prism (Part 2)
13. Cosms
14. Tesseract

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