The Radio Dept.
Check it out now ahead of their London show...

As time goes on The Radio Dept. only seem to gain in relevancy.

The Swedish duo make pop of astounding intelligence, fusing together critiques of society and the political process within a divinely melodic framework.

New album 'Running Out Of Love' was an incredible return, arriving between the twin earthquakes of Brexit and the ascension of Trump.

Picking apart the failures of hyper-capitalist quasi-democracy, The Radio Dept. never allow themselves to be overwhelming by paranoia or pessimism.

Lead single 'Swedish Guns' took aim at the arms industry, yet laced with message with some incredible pop hooks that evolved in new and startling directions.

With The Radio Dept. set to play some extremely rare British shows next week, the duo have commissioned a fresh remix of 'Swedish Guns'.

The Mythologen remix seems to prise apart the light and dark, with those near industrial drums shattering against the heavenly vocals.

Reminiscent of Massive Attack's darker moments but filtered through a Scandinavian viewpoint, you can check it out now.

Catch The Radio Dept. at the following shows:

30 Brighton The Haunt
31 London Scala

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