Plus, they're playing London's Royal Albert Hall...

This Is The Kit will release new album 'Off Off On' later this year.

The group are led by songwriter Kate Stables, and have grown from DIY origins to build an international reputation.

New album 'Off Off On' - their fifth to date - was produced by Josh Kaufman, a hugely respected multi-instrumentalist who recently worked as a member of Muzz.

Of the choice of producer, Kate comments: “We were on the same page about a lot of musical ideas, as well as doing things I wouldn’t do musically. It was a lovely mixture of ‘you’re exactly in my brain and exactly at the opposite end of my brain.’”

The new LP lands on October 23rd, with This Is The Kit announcing plans for a show at London's Royal Albert Hall on April 1st, 2021.

New song 'This Is What You Did' is online now, something Kate describes as "a bit of a panic attack song..."

She continues: "The negative voices of other people that are your own voice. Or are they? Hard to say when you’re in this kind of a place. How to get out of this place? Needing to get outside more."

"Cosmically topical what with these recent days of inside all the time. Knowing the things, you should do because they’re good for you and make you feel better but for some reason you still stay inside and fester in your own self-doubt and regret and self-loathing. Fun times! We all get into negative mind loops sometimes. Especially when you’re not getting the fresh air and outside time you need to stay healthy."

Check it out now.

This Is The Kit will release new album 'Off Off On' on October 23rd.

Photo Credit: Phillipe Lebruman

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