This Archive Terry Hall Interview Makes For Revelatory Listening

It's lain unheard since 1985...

An archive interview with The Specials Terry Hall has just appeared online, featuring a two-hour deep-dive into his life.

The loss of the Specials frontman stung fans, with Terry Hall succumbing to pancreatic cancer earlier this week. Tributes stretched around the globe, a sign of the continuing relevancy of his work, and the impact he had on pop culture.

Now an unusual source has placed a fascinating two-hour interview with Terry Hall on MixCloud. The chat took place in 1985, and features Terry Hall giving fans a guided audio tour of his life, reflecting on The Specials, Fun Boy Three, and his under-rated Colourfield project.

Remarkably, children’s TV host Timmy Mallett had the tape in his loft, having previously worked as an audio engineer with Piccadilly Radio. He picks up the tale…

Back in 1985 I asked 25 year old Terry Hall if he’d like to be a guest DJ on Piccadilly radio one evening. A shy slightly reticent pop star came into the studio in Manchester from his home in Stockport and we sat together with a pile of Records and two hours to fill.

I played them in real time and encouraged him to tell his story of the music and people that had inspired him.

He’s been in the Specials, Fun Boy Three and now the Colourfield. He used this Easter weekend special to play some tracks from the soon to be released album and show us the sort of music he liked.

Piccadilly radio was at the forefront here of bringing pop stars out as real people.

My role was to produce it and I chose to let him be the presenter without being interviewed. The outcome is revealing.

He finishes: “The tapes have been in the loft since 1985. This is the first time is been heard since then.”

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