Taken from new album 'Is That Light You Carry?'
Third Culture Kings

Third Culture Kings are a product of fusion.

A duo - Jan Johansen (Glorybox) and Alap Momin (dälek) - they sluice together everything from Velvet Underground to King Tubby, early 80s synth work to Indian classical music.

It's a heady brew, one that comes to boiling point on upcoming album 'Is That Light You Carry?'. Out on August 18th, the record fizzes and crackles with creative energy, a minimalist viewpoint that utilises a dizzying array of sounds.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Done And Gone', a throbbing piece of greyscale electronics with muttered, mournful lyrics.

Gradually coming into focus, it's a sparse yet remarkably intense piece of music, sitting somewhere between Neu! and Suicide.

Tune in now.

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