Thermal Return With ‘Kiss The Ground’

Breaking out of repetitive cycles...

Toronto outfit Thermal have shared new single ‘Kiss The Ground’.

The group signed to Dalliance Recordings, who shared their excellent ‘Plaster Girl’ EP last year. Reinterpreting 90s college rock tropes from different angles, the strength of their songwriting immediately shone through.

New single ‘Kiss The Ground’ continues their story, and you can hear the influence of everyone from Liz Phair, say, through to The Breeders.

The taut guitar lines put you in mind of UK peers bar italia, but there’s a melodic sweet to Thermal’s work that is utterly their own.

The lyrics deal with breaking out of a repetitive situation, something matched by the taut indie rock minimalism of the instrumental work. Lauren Armstrong comments…

‘Kiss the Ground’ is about being stuck in a cycle of repetition within a relationship – believing that someone will change, and then being let down over and over again.

Embedded in the Toronto creative scene, Thermal recruited a close friend to construct the visuals, which tap into a nostalgic view of summer. The band continue…

The video was shot by Lucy Mahoney, who works primarily as a fashion photographer in Toronto. We wanted it to feel as though someone was reflecting on a collection of memories of summer and chose to edit the video in a split-screen style to explore how the different clips could interact with each other, playing around with the parallels and differences between them.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Norman Wong

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