Rodaidh McDonald spills the beans...
The xx

The xx owe their origins to a specific time, a specific place.

School friends, the group absorbed influences from their native London, fusing underground dance styles to a sombre, moving image of songcraft.

Currently working on their third album, producer and long time associated Rodaidh McDonald has let slip a few secrets.

Chatting to Dazed, the producer explained that The xx are working on 'different' material in a studio on Iceland. "There are songs which have come out of our experiences in New York and Texas that would never have come out in London; the colours and the ideas and the moods on some of these songs are just not things you would write in London," he said.

"It’s about opening things up a bit more" Rodaidh continued. "They are a London band, but they’re also a band that’s spent a lot of time in different countries. So we’re trying to push that further with the Iceland trip, which is happening in July."

Alongside this, Rodaidh McDonald also gave a slight progress report on Jai Paul's debut album. "I did something with him last week, some vocal production on a new song. We finished it, whether he wants to put it out or not I don’t know," he said.

"It’s just a very long process for him I guess, he’s been working on (his album) for years. One of the things that I sort of identified was that he might benefit from some help using vocals. But his music sounds so good, he doesn’t need any help, I think he’s perfect."

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