The xx vs Conservative Party

Music used without permission

The xx have hit out after the Conservative party used their music without permission.

The Conservative party aren’t exactly making a lot of friends right now. The controversial coalition government have been forced to make a number of changes to the benefit system, polarising the country.

Holding a massive conference in England recently, the political party decided to use some fresh, up to date music – presumably to emphasise their fresh, up to date policies.

However their choice of soundtrack has backfired. The Conservatives opted to use material from The xx, a decision which has provoked the ire of the Mercury award winning London group.

In a short statement the band’s label explained that the party did not seek and were not granted permission to use the music. On Twitter a Young Turks representative said: “Apparently David Cameron and the Tories used an XX song during their party conference”.

“The XX/Young Turks weren’t invited to any party, didn’t approve the use of their music at the party and certainly don’t approve of said party.”

The Conservatives have yet to respond to the allegation.

Bizarrely, the Conservatives have prior form on this. Earlier this year Keane issued a statement to claim they were “horrified” after the party used hit single ‘Everybody’s Changing’ without permission.

Distancing themselves from the political group, the Conservatives were left red faced by the trio’s strongly worded statement.

It seems that British politicians are beginning to notice new indie groups. At the Labour party conference last week newly elected leader Ed Milliband used songs by Vampire Weekend and Kings Of Leon.

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