The xx Share Final Interludes Radio Show, Discuss New Material

They've been busy...

The xx have shared the final episode of their Interludes radio show.

The band have been hosting the irregular series on Apple Music, choosing their favourite songs and discussing their future plans. Each individual member hosted their own show, before The xx reconvened at the end of 2022 for a joint broadcast.

Interludes closes with with a full-band special, with Romy, Oliver, and Jamie uniting to sift though music new and old. Alongside this, they also discuss their individual plans, and the potential for more xx material.

Discussing his new solo album, Jamie xx reveals that it’s “getting close”. He says:

“I just got back to London. I’ve been in LA mixing my record and now I’m back here I started making more music so maybe it’s going to take a bit longer but it’s getting close. I guess it’s been influenced by me playing a lot over the last year or so at a lot of festivals. So I’ve played a lot of the music out in the festivals to gauge the reaction and to change what works and what doesn’t work. Now I’m finishing it up and trying to make it all make sense to somebody who’s not standing in a crowd full of thousands of people, like listening on headphones, so it works in every situation.”

Oliver Sim released a wonderful solo record last year, and is currently being recruited for soundtrack work. He says: “In a long-standing dream come true, I’ve been doing some work in film, scoring and writing songs for films. I have two films on the go at the moment which is really a dream.”

Romy has played a plethora of rave-leaning DJ sets, interspersing Millennium mash-ups with snippets of all-new material. Discussing her plans, she says: “I’m going to say [it’s] basically done now which has been a long time in the process. And I can finally say that and mean it and I’m so excited. And I hopefully have a new song out soon that Jamie [xx] has worked on and that I’m very excited about.”

She adds: “I mean I’ve been excited to reference all different types of club music that I love and I think this is a different vibe to ‘Strong’ and it’s a bit more dancey and Jamie had some amazing ideas for it. It contains a sample from one of my favourite artists, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, so I’m thrilled that he has let that happen and I can’t really believe it. I played it out at All Points East, which was like my first show back after COVID, that’s back over two years ago. But we’ve been tinkering away and it’s finally in an exciting place, I think. So I’m going to let it be free in the world at last.”

So can we expect new material from The xx soon? Discussions are certainly under way.

Romy says: “It’s very early days but it was so exciting to play together again after so long and see what happens and it felt really different. It felt really exciting.”

Oliver adds: “It felt familiar being in that situation and being with you two making music, but also what we were making was different, it sounded different, without trying to be different. I think I’m a different person from when making my own records and I can notice you two are different people too from through your solo work so I’m excited.”

Check out Interludes below.

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