The Wedding Present Rip Away Our Cobwebs On ‘Birdsnest’

New album 'Going, Going...' is due on September 2nd...

The Wedding Present face one major problem when recording new material: themselves.

After all, with such a lengthy, esteemed, and varied back catalogue, how do you begin to attempt to add something new?

New album 'Going, Going…' certainly manages to locate new ground – in the United States, to be precise.

A song cycle containing 20 tracks – each with an accompanying short film – the album builds into a road trip across North America.

Out on September 2nd, Clash is able to tease The Wedding Present's latest endeavour with a brand new track.

'Birdsnest' is a fantastic, enthralling return, one that deftly segues between the band's different eras while continually looking to the future.

It rocks, in that innately Wedding Present way. So if, like us, you're feeling that post-Bank Holiday lull then you're definitely in the right place.

David Gedge explains: "We had a really great time recording ‘Birdsnest' at La Fabrique studios in France. It’s kind of typical of the whole album, in a way, in that it’s a song that’s full of weird ideas that often spin off on odd tangents. The main body is quite rocky, with a massive bass sound, but it kind of strangely changes key into a poppy chorus! And then the outro section harks back to the ‘jangly' Wedding Present sound of the 80s before the final bit, which is much more subdued and gives me the chance to get my old guitar slide out! There’s enough ideas on it for a whole E.P.! I think the recording has quite a ‘positive' sound, to match the optimism of the lyrics."

Check it out now.

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