Tamara Lindeman makes her return...

The Weather Station has shared new single 'Robber'.

The project is led by Tamara Lindeman, whose 2017 debut album alerted fans to someone whose take on pop potential was quite distinct.

Freshly signed to Fat Possum, The Weather Station's second chapter has just been launched.

'Robber' is a simply superb piece of music, undulating between two chords, it's undulating flow producing something aesthetic open-ended and psychologically meditative.

Rooted in Lindeman's voice, the flowing music billows outwards, the rhythmic appeal wrapped up in melodic abstraction, culminating in those skronking saxophone notes.

“I think in my life I’ve been pretty naive, always tried to see the good in everyone (still do), always tried to make do with what is and not think of what can’t be (still do),” says Lindeman. “But those attitudes are dangerous when applied at a societal level, especially at this moment in time. I think we’re all in denial a bit, about where we are, and what is happening, because it’s easier on some level, easier to try and make do with what’s missing than to see what’s missing.”

“I think it’s hard to believe in the robber, hard to even see the robber; it’s easier to try and make love to or glamourise the robber. It hurts too much otherwise. To put it straight; there are real human people who are literally robbing us and all future generations of everything that matters, right now. But we literally can’t see that as a society, because for one thing we’ve been taught not to value what is taken, and for another because we’ve been taught to glamourize and love the taker.”

“We love to love the taker. We don’t know how to see the victim of the taking.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Daniel Dorsa

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