C86 and the hidden decade

The Vaselines have spoken to ClashMusic about their dis-trust of the current wave of nostalgia for the 80s.

For some reason, the 80s have become the focus of nostalgia. A decade dominated by unemployment, race riots, the Miners Strike and the Falklands war has become a focal point for retrospective cool.

For some, this is wide of the mark. The Vaselines were around at the time, producing their chiming indie pop when the likes of Whitney Houston (in her pop guise) were dominating the charts.

The Glasgow duo produced only a handful of tracks, but their back catalogue has become extremely influential. Returning with their long awaited second album 'Sex With An X' the band have spoken to ClashMusic about their memories of the real 80s.

Referring to their new track 'I Hate The 80s' singer Eugene Kelly kicked out against the decade. "It’s a rant against nostalgia, basically. We were there at the time, and now people look back on it so much. It gets referenced all the time in music and fashion, like right now I’m seeing a lot of bare ankles and rolled up trousers which is extremely 80s."

"It’s just a comment on that. People say that they love the 80s but you can look at any decade and see the good and bad things. It’s just that we can remember the bad things and they can’t."

Continuing, The Vaselines reflected on the revival of indie pop. Long regarded as a 'twee' act, Eugene Kelly rejected the label. "I think we came from that era of C86, when everyone was twee and walked about with hairclips, satchels and stuff. We weren’t like that at all."

"We get called twee a lot but it’s not something we feel comfortable with, it doesn’t describe us at all. We wanted to be a rock band, but because we don’t have rock voices we get called twee. I mean, we’re not twee people but it refers to that time and that’s the time we were formed."

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