Recording could be slow...

Epic Australian indie rockers The Temper Trap have warned fans they may have to wait for their second album.

Good things come to those who wait. The Temper Trap released their debut album 'Conditions' last year, achieving warm reviews but low sales. Then something remarkable happened: as word spread, the album kept selling.

Some titanic shows caused a buzz to form around the band, with The Temper Trap enjoying huge word of mouth hype. Lead single 'Sweet Disposition' kept climbing the charts until suddenly the Australian group were looking at a Top Ten hit.

Performing a number of festival shows this summer fans are already clamouring for their second album. Speaking to the NME however, The Temper Trap explained that this could take some time.

"Album two is still way off in the distance," drummer Toby Dundas warned. "We're going to start seriously writing it early next year so it might make it out next year, but it could easily drag on until 2012 before it actually comes out."

The band have previously stated that they might return to their native Australia to construct the new album. The Temper Trap moved to London in 2008 to seek their fortune, leaving their families behind.

Continuing, Toby Dundas explained that The Temper Trap are already looking towards the long term. "We don't want to rush it. There's all that pressure that comes with the second album. We want to make something we're really proud of before we share it with everyone."

Meanwhile, the group are completing a number of festival commitments. The Temper Trap are scheduled to play a high profile slot at this year's V Festival, which is set on sites in Essex and Staffordshire.

V Festival takes place between August 21st - 22nd.

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