Mike Skinner On World Destruction

Forget the credit crunch and market meltdown - Mike Skinner has revealed that the one thing that dominates his mind is the complete destruction of the earth.

The Streets recently released new album 'Everything Is Borrowed', which flew straight into the top ten. A private, contemplative affair, it found Mike Skinner is a typically philosophical vein of thought.

In a new interview with British red top The Sun, Mike Skinner has revealed his own fears about the destruction of the world.

“I do have a sense that the world will end. I’m not sure whether that makes me clinically depressed but I am aware how delicate our little bubble is," he said.

All this pondering the world's destruction has changed the band's tour routine apparently, with Skinner taking steps to ensure the group is more eco-friendly.

“It’s not like I’m a crazy eco-warrior but when we tour we travel very lightly nowadays."

The Streets fourth album 'Everything Is Borrowed' is available from record shops now.

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