The K-Pop Twitter-storm reveals some curious dynamics...

The hashtag 'Justice For Jae’ trended globally across social media, after Jae of K-Pop group Day6 called out his company, JYP entertainment, for unfair treatment and lack of promotion.

On June 29th, Jae posted a series of tweets on the DAY6 Twitter account questioning his agency JYPE on not receiving the same consideration and support as the rest of his band members. Asking why they wouldn’t repost his DIVE Studio content after they posted Young K‘s, Jae quoted the company’s promotional tweet of band mate Young K's playlist for 'Live from DIVE Studios' along with the message, "Why don't you repost my dive stuff?"

The next day, Jae followed up by adding further explanation to his tweets, questioning why his own personal activities aren’t shared on the DAY6 Twitter account, writing: “I've recently done podcasts, 'Hwaiting' available on Facebook, and I had a collaboration with 88rising. How come my promotions aren't shared?" 

Revealing how JYP forced him to quit his own YouTube channel because it wasn’t viewed upon favourably, Jae added: "YouTube too. For my channel jaesix, I worked on it all alone, I was told so much by the company, I had to beg for permission, but even after all that, they told me I had to quit because it was ruining the company's image. But the rest of the members get content and proper management and investments for their work."

In response to Jae’s frustration, My Days ( the group’s fandom) all over the world came together to trend #JusticeForJae ( and the Korean variant #스튜디오제이피드백해 ) demanding that JYPE – who represent top groups like GOT7, Twice , Stray Kids, ITZY - treat their groups better.

However, later on June 30th, Jae posted again on Twitter, sharing an update after speaking with the agency. He wrote:

“After talking with the company again, I think there have been a lot of misunderstandings. I want to say that I’m sorry for causing you concern with my post. And what I wanted to express was a personal problem between the company and myself, it’s completely unrelated to the members, and I never even thought that it was. I apologise for worrying My Day by not thinking it through.”

News outlet Newsen also received a comment from the agency itself, “Through our conversation, we have cleared up something that took place because of a misunderstanding between the company and the member. We will be very cautious in the future so that this sort of matter does not occur again.”

It appears that everything has been sorted now between Jae and JYPE, but he certainly will have his My Days rise up in support again if the need ever arises!

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Words: Malvika Padin

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