The Staves Share ‘I’ll Never Leave You Alone’

People contain multitudes...

The Staves have shared new song ‘I’ll Never Leave You Alone’.

The band’s long-awaited new album ‘All Now’ is out on March 22nd, another dose of gilded Americana and organic folk hues. Now a duo, Jess and Camila build on the wonderful chemistry of their earlier work, while remaining respectful of their core voice.

New track ‘I’ll Never Leave You Alone’ is out now, and it follows previously released singles ‘All Now’ and ‘I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It’. Beautifully constructed, the song is about friendship, and accepting that people contain multitudes.

A moment of real maturity, the song is refreshingly honest, the lyrical twists and turns matched to The Staves’ assured sense of melody.

Speaking of the track, Jess and Camilla comment –

“This song is about balancing all the intricate parts and many faces of self and womanhood and the feelings of doubt that come from containing these multitudes. It’s about learning to navigate and live with them. To make friends with your doubt and with yourself.”

Tune in now.

‘All Now’ will be released on March 22nd.

Photo Credit: Harvey Pearson 

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