Clash meets some of the producers behind the release...

Everything Loski touches turns to gold.

One of the most emphatic new MCs in the country, every release from the rapper seems to break streaming records.

Clearly, he's got something. But behind this lies a knack for working with some electrifying producers, and nowhere is that more evident than new mixtape 'Mad Move'.

Loski's most ambitious statement yet, it's a work of real breadth, showing that for every viral statement there is also something of remarkable depth.

Producer iO works on mixtape standouts 'Calm Down', 'DBD' and 'Live Like That', after meeting through mutual associates.

"When me and Loski go in we just make what we feel that day, however he’s feeling or however I’m feeling," he tells Clash. "There’s never really no thought process behind it, just go in and let how you’re feeling that day come out!"

"'Calm Down', was actually the second idea we did that day. We did something where the beat was a bit happier and I just scrapped the idea, we wanted something a bit dark and greasy and then calm down was made! 'Live Like That', that day Loski wanted something just something that’s just vibes and waves but still hits".

The name Riki Bleu occurs again and again in Loski's story, and he introduced the rapper to Levi Lennox; together the two would craft tracks such as 'Big Man', 'Hoes N Bands', and 'Fashion Avenue'.

"Working with Loski is sick because there’s no pressure, we don’t really watch the time," he explains. "We just vibe till the idea comes. He doesn’t overthink the music either, everything we’ve done has been quick and easy but he still understands what he wants. He definitely an artist I’m looking to continue building music with on future projects."

Throughout our conversations with these producers there's a sense that Loski is much more than a wordsmith - he's a musician, too, able to frame his bars within the wider context of a song, or a work of art.

The Writers Block stepped in to produce 'Hammers' and 'Something New' and he confirms the easy-going creativity the rapper was able to engender in the studio.

"We made something new in the studio with Loski," he says. "We wanted to create a playful vibe that still had harder elements to it. It was important for Loski to still keep the same topics and flows his fans know him for. I think the combination works and now we have a banger!"

"Loski is a great artist, easy to work with and understands music and melody. Always knows what direction he wants to go in, and we always deliver."

Check out 'Mad Move' below.

And here's the full credits for the tape...

Big Man – Levi Lennox
Hammers – The Writers Block
Hazards 2.0 – Farrokh Beats
Calm Down – iO and Levi Lennox
Hoes N Bands – Levi Lennox
Full Stop – Levi Lennox
Boasy – Show N Prove
Fashion Avenue – Levi Lennox
No Cap – Mazza
DBD – iO
Something New – The Writers Block
Live Live That – iO

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