The Silver Lines Punch Hard On New Song ‘Tame’

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Birmingham four-piece The Silver Lines have shared new single ‘Tame’.

The alt-rock group are working with real alacrity, with their second EP ‘…And The Lord Don’t Think I Can Handle It’ due in a number of weeks. Produced by David Radahd-Jones (formerly of the band Heaven’s Basement), it blends the band’s live prowess with a sense of studio finesse.

Having toured widely – including Trans Musicales in France and New Colossus in New York – the band are able to work to their strengths, melting together a subtle sense of melodic openness with crunching guitar frenzy.

New single ‘Tame’ is a message of solidarity with womxn everywhere, an attempt to unpick patriarchal lessons and assert a lesson of equality. There’s plenty of light and shade in the song, too, aiming to bring together disparate elements in their work.

An example of control and release, ‘Tame’ is The Silver Lines unleashed, displaying their growth both as individuals, and as a unit.

The band comment…

‘Tame’ is a song which explores the power of keeping femininity in response to a patriarchal environment, regardless of gender and political stance. Lyrical themes include secrecy and hiding one’s true self, over indulgence of pleasure which may be unbecoming and external pain inflicted. 

Musically it is a prime example of light and shade with a sparse verse and a heavy thick chorus. The song deliberately has an outro longer than the actual song, a premeditated move by the band in response to the very formulated music being released currently which follows a ‘certain’ structure in order to attract their 10 minutes.

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Catch The Silver Lines on tour this Autumn, including London’s The Old Blue Last on September 18th.

Photo Credit: @dka.demon

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