And you could win it...
The Shins

Most band competitions tend to follow a similar pattern: take a tote bag, stuff it with vinyl, CDs, and badges, and then give it away.

The Shins, though, fancied doing something a bit grander, a little bit more special.

So they're giving away their first ever tour van. Bought with their first advance from Sub Pop, the 1990 Ford 350 Clubwagon took the band from coast to coast during their rise.

Now "going to waste" James Mercer has decided to give the vehicle away. Fans simply need to upload their cover of a Shins track from new album 'Heartworms' to stand a chance of winning this "old but very nice" van.

James Mercer explains: "It ought to be passed on to a band that uses it to get out there and play shows and spread their music."

Get involved HERE.

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