The Pipettes Return

New album, new line up

Brighton girl group The Pipettes have gathered new members to record their latest album.

Hailing from the South Coast, The Pipettes fought against the laddism of the British indie scene by donning polka dot skirts and recording 50s style vocal harmonies. Gathering a cult following, the band’s pop nous threw them into the pop charts.

Early single ‘Pull Shapes’ was a remarkable success, almost topping the charts in Japan and making the Top 40 in Britain. Since then, the band have been disrupted with line up changes with the group rarely having the chance to settle.

Debut album ‘We Are The Pipettes’ was a critical success in 2006, with its sly pop a cheeky throwback to another era. Songwriter Rose Elinor Dougall stepped away from the group last year to focus on a solo career, but it seems that the Brighton band can survive without her.

Working on new material, a new line up of The Pipettes began recording their second album last year. Still in love with those 50s pop songs, the group have matured somewhat without losing their innocence.

Lead single from the new album, ‘Stop The Music’ is a stirring return. Matching an expert pastiche of prime era pop to a rollicking rhythm the track is instantly catchy and could well break into the airwaves.

With the full length album ‘Earth Vs The Pipettes’ set to follow, it seems as if the Brighton group may well get the success they have worked so hard for.

The Pipettes are due to release ‘Stop The Music’ in March.

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