Two EPs in the works

The Pictish Trail has prepared two separate versions of his new EP - stream a preview below.

Real name Johnny Lynch, The Pictish Trail is one of the focal points for the Fence Collective. Yet while certain members - notably King Creosote - have reached widespread acclaim Lynch has remained in the background.

Of course, it would help if he would release some new material. Four years on from his 'Secret Soundz Vol. 1' album the much loved songwriter has confirmed plans for two distinctly different versions of his new EP.

The catch? ‘Of Course You Exist’ won't actually exist as a physical record. Instead, both versions of the new EP will be available as download codes sewed into the inlay of a specially designed t-shirt / sweatshirt.

Details as follows:-

electric tee-bag e.p.
1): Of Course You Exist
2): Of Course You Exist (FOUND remix)
3): Pie Eyed
4): Feeling Faint

acoustic sweatshirt e.p.
1): Of Course You Exist
2): I've Been Set Upon (acoustic)
3): Not To Be (acoustic)
4): Of Course You Exist (acoustic)

Order your sweatshirt HERE.

The Pictish Trail's new album 'Secret Soundz Vol. 2' is due to be released this summer.

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