'Fables of History' out on September 24th

The Moons are set to release new album 'Fables of History' on September 24th.

Funny how these things turn out. When Mod broke into the popular consciousness as a British street style, pundits immediately affirmed that it was a flash in the pan. Fast forward five decades and it's still here, arguably as strong as it has been for some time.

The Moons might not be Mod in the strictest sense, but the band are definitely aware of their history. In fact, the band's soon to be released album is called 'Fables of History'...

Containing plenty of well honed songcraft, psychedelic flourishes and storming drums The Moons are on prime form. Fronted by Andy Crofts, the band's near incessant touring has seen them graduate to a Beady Eye support slot.

Completing work on the new album, The Moons were able to smuggle out a copy to long time fan Bradley Wiggins - who played it on repeat during the final leg of the Tour de France.

“I like The Moons,” Wiggins said recently. “They’re a real good little group. At the moment there’s so much good music out there that’s British, and I like that.”

New single 'Jennifer (Sits Alone)' drops on September 10th. The band recently recorded a version of the track sitting in their garden - check it out below.

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The Moons are set to release new album 'Fables of History' on September 24th. Tracklisting:

1. Be Not Me
2. Forever Came Today
3. Revolutionary Lovers
4. Jennifer (Sits Alone)
5. Double Vision Love
6. English Summer
7. Something Soon
8. It’s Taking Over
9. Can You See Me
10. Habit Of A Lifetime
11. Lights Out
12. The First Goodbye

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