With their long awaited third album...
The Leisure Society

The Leisure Society are set to release their third album 'Alone Aboard The Ark' through Full Time Hobby on April 1st.

The Leisure Society are aptly named. Listening back to their two studio albums, you're struck by just how gloriously organic they sound - the band seem to ease into themselves, shrouding themselves in music like a child clinging onto their winter jacket.

Taking time off to return to the studio, the band are now ready to break cover. Finishing work on their third album, the results are set to see the light of day this Spring. New album 'Alone Aboard The Ark' drops on April 1st, and to celebrate the band have pieced together an animated trailer.

Featuring plenty of origami fish, it contains sketches from the album which offer a tantalising glimpse of what lies in wait on 'Alone Aboard The Ark'.

Watch it now.

Alongside this, The Leisure Society are offering new track 'The Sober Scent Of Paper' as a free download. Subtle, poetic and actually quite catchy it's a typically breezy introduction to the band's next move.

Download it below.

'Alone Aboard The Ark' is set to be released on April 1st.


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