New album 'Only Now Forever' is incoming...

The KVB make the kind of heavyweight Krautrock driven music you previously only heard in your dreams.

Endlessly oscillating synths spiral around crunching, neo-industrial beats, a black-clad mixture that powers its way out of the speakers and off towards the horizon.

New album 'Only Now Forever' is a gesture towards eternity, and it drops on October 12th via Invada Records.

New track 'Above Us' leads the way, and it's heads-down chug blurs the lines between human musicians and machinery.

A dark yet empowered return, there's an inspired sensibility to The KVB that pushes them ahead of contemporaries in the psychedelic underground.

Director Alden Volney handles the video, and he “wanted to play with the idea of a series of visuals that feel like they were taken off a larger piece, a strange movie trailer of some sort.”

He continues: “constantly switching textures and scales from the microscopic to sprawling landscapes; from stock-still plastics to restless organic stuff; to make the video feel like it is this tiny glimpse into something overwhelming. It kind of feels like watching an apocalypse unfold on 15 different TV channels at the same time.”

Tune in now.

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