The Krackpots Want A ‘Proper Christmas’

Could they have a festive hit on their hands...?

Mysterious group The Krackpots have shared their gift-wrapped new seasonal ode ‘Proper Christmas’.

Ah, the race for Christmas No. 1… remember that, kiddoes? Way back when, families would stay glued to Top Of The Pops, watching the chart rundown and hoping that their favourites would top the charts on Christmas Day.

In recent times, that peculiarly British tradition has faded away. Blame Simon Cowell. Blame the anti-Simon Cowell counter campaigns. Blamed sausage roll themed novelty singles that no one listened to anyway. Blame streaming, and the rise of evergreen releases topping the charts again and again and again.

The Krackpots, though, want to turn the dial back a bit. The enigmatic group want to channel an era of instant sing-a-long radio-friendly Christmas classics – think Slade, Wizzard, Chas and Dave, and Madness.

A mystery group who already have several Top 10 hits to their name, The Krackpots have sculpted ‘Proper Christmas’ – a sleigh bell aided, tinsel adorned salute to the festive season.

The video features some cute puppets, while the punk-fuelled stomp-along chorus will stay lodged in your head for days. Officially out on December 8th – that’s this Friday – the video for ‘Proper Christmas’ is out now.

Tune in below.

So, do they stand a chance? The decision of LadBaby to retire from Christmas hi-jinks means it’s more open than ever, but the growth of streaming – everything from your home office to the local shopping centre are piping in massive Spotify playlists – means that overhauling those tried and tested favourites is more difficult than ever.

Furthermore, the loss of Shane MacGowan means that the emotional currency is on ‘The Fairytale Of New York’ returning to the top spot.

There’s all to play for, however.

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