It's called Europa Europa...
The Knife

The Knife have always had a theatrical element.

The Scandinavian group move beyond music, incorporating aspects of film, theatre, ballet and more.

Returning with new album 'Shaking The Habitual' last year, The Knife hosted a stunning live show which shifted and evolved with each passing date.

Now, the group have confirmed plans to work with the art group Ful to create an "anti-national cabaret" called Europa Europa.

According to the Europa Europa site - kindly translated by Pitchfork - the politically motivated project takes aim at "Sweden and EU’s migration politics".

The cabaret is meant to "highlight the human rights abuses that Sweden and the EU commits every day through the common asylum and migration policy."

Europa Europa aims to celebrate migrants "defying cameras, dangerous water, barbed wire, police violence and compact political resistance."

The Knife are listed as "house band" for the project, while the cabaret was written and directed by Nasim Aghili.

Europa Europa premieres July 1st in Visby, Sweden.


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