Directed by Martin Falck...
The Knife

Multi-disciplinary - that's The Knife.

The Scandinavian group returned last year with 'Shaking The Habitual', a work which fused electronic production, blissful pop melodies and an astute, probing insight into the nature of gender identity.

Alongside this, The Knife have unveiled a spectacular live show. Announcing a series of Stateside shows, The Knife have decided to compliment this with a new series of videos.

Shot by film maker Martin Falck, the simple melodies of 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' are matched to a vivid green background and the words 'Lose All Of Me' swirling around the screen.

'Fracking Fluid Injection' is rather lengthier, with Falck opting for something rather more hypnotic with the words 'Being Horizontal Is Wonderful' appearing on the screen.

Check out the videos below. (via Fake DIY)

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