It's a new multi-platform live document...
The Knife

The Knife have announced plans for new live document 'Shaking The Habitual: Live At Terminal 5'.

The Swedish project released new album 'Shaking The Habitual' back in 2013, and followed this by some inspired live performances.

Expanding the group to become a 12 piece ensemble, the shows were a dramatic fusion of music, visuals, and cutting edge technology.

New live document 'Shaking The Habitual: Live At Terminal 5' arrives on September 1st, and it's a multi-platform representation of that acclaimed tour.

A film, album, and photo book, it looks to be the definitive take on that period of The Knife's output. They comment:

"In the process of making 'Shaking The Habitual', we realized that it was time for us to question the concept of The Knife in a wider sense. Or, rather, we wanted to challenge the idea of The Knife that had been created somehow. We needed to find a way to do and be what we wanted, taking the commercial dimension of The Knife into account only to be able to find ways to exist outside of it."

"For instance, we realized that the masks we used to wear in press photographs as a way to criticize the media’s obsession with the individuals behind the music had started to be seen as the opposite: as our brand or trademark, and as something mystical. The discussion of purpose and joyfulness started all over again, this time in relation to whether or not to perform the album."

Tune in now.

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