Las Vegas band go on break

Las Vegas glamourous indie titans The Killers are to go on 'indefinite hiatus' after their latest tour.

The Killers emerged from Las Vegas in a whirlwind of hype. The band's slick synths seemed to echo Duran Duran, while their songwriting spoke of a life of sleaze underneath the neon lights of Las Vegas.

Breaking through to the mainstream with their recent album 'Day And Age' the band have enjoyed spectacular success. The Killers smashed into the charts with their stadium filling single 'Human'.

Since then, the band have headlined festivals across the globe, playing some enormous tour dates in the process. The Killers have won countless new fans, but recent reports suggested that all was not right.

Rumours of in band fighting were common, with singer Brandon Flowers said to be acting as peacemaker. Now The Killers are set to go on hiatus, with the band citing exhaustion from near constant touring.

The Killers are to take a break after their Australian tour ends on February 21st. "I'm not sure if people are aware of it but these are probably our last shows for a while," guitarist Dave Keuning told the Associated Press.

"We haven't had a break in quite a while. It's just been touring and making records and on and on and on. It's been like six years just kind of connected together" he continued.

"It's like people just expect us to do that non-stop till we die, but we just want a little bit of time off, just to be myself and do what I want to do for a little bit."

Brandon Flowers recently denied he was set to leave The Killers in order to pursue a solo career.

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