Brandon Flowers goes it alone

The Killers singer Brandon Flowers has spoken about the process of making his new solo album.

Completing an enormous world tour last year, The Killers were surrounded by speculation last year. Tiring of the rigours of the road, the Las Vegas band came close to breaking up before deciding to take a break.

Singer Brandon Flowers has decided to use the time wisely, focussing on yet more music. The frontman premiered his new single 'Crossfire' last night with parent album 'Flamingo' due to be released in September.

The Killers star was joined by Stuart Price, Brendan O'Brien and Jenny Lewis for the album. However despite this Brandon Flowers has claimed that the recording process was frequently "lonely".

"It was weird" he told Radio 1's Zane Lowe. "Without union and the Killers and that way of doing things and friendship. I had fun making the record but that brotherhood didn't exist. At times it was a little bit lonely."

"It wasn't born out of a need to do something different or to get attention or anything else - it was really to make music."

Brandon Flowers re-assured fans that this is not the end for The Killers, with Ronnie Vannucci joined the singer during recording sessions. "This started out that way - it just became something else when I realised I wasn't ready to take a very long break and a couple of the guys were" he told Zane Lowe.

"The guys have heard it and they understand why I'm doing it. I'm already talking to them about when we're going to get into the studio again" he explained. "Ronnie (Vannucci) actually plays drums on this record. I'm excited. I'm a little bit nervous about it all. In the most part I'm really happy with it."

Brandon Flowers is set to release new album 'Flamingo' on September.

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