Check out 'LET GO (Everybody Move Your Body Listen to Your Heart)' now...

The Irrepressibles leap back into the fray with storming new single 'LET GO (Everybody Move Your Body Listen to Your Heart)'.

The project is spearheaded by Jamie Irrepressible, a pop savant who has been working in his own sphere for almost a decade now.

Ruthlessly committed to his own aesthetic, The Irrepressibles pursues a solitary path, one that laces potent pop creativity to LGBTQ representation.

New single 'LET GO (Everybody Move Your Body Listen to Your Heart)' explodes out-dated notions of sexuality, a journey of self-discovery that ends in resolute euphoria.

Dominated by incredible production and complex yet utterly engaging melodies, it's a document of stellar ambition.

Jamie comments...

'Let Go is a story of a man who starts out feeling in himself that sexuality itself must be binary. That he must find the opposite of himself. But he listens to his heart and body and discovers the drive within himself that he can be with someone who is the same gender.

It is about listening to your heart and body and what it tells you to set you free.

Director Savvas Savrou steers the visuals, taking the single in a ravishing new direction. He says:

‘Let Go’ is one of those tracks that breaks convention and blends emotion with a strong joyful beat. When I first heard it, it made my heart flutter like a butterfly, and that was exactly what I set out to evoke with the film.' Tune in now.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Scallywag Fox
Art Direction: Darin Tufani

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